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Contact form does not work at all  en

Author: Pasi V.
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I using contact form over my own domain e-mail. Verification e-mail coming without sender (my domain address) and therefore it goes to spam. Message itself never end up to my e-mail box, not even spam. 
Over Android phone the form open virtual keyboard but when I try to write something the board closes off.
This happens only with X5 contact form.

Android user cannot use the form at all and messages over computer never reaches me. 
The form seems to be is useseless.

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Дмитрий Тулупов
Дмитрий Тулупов


It is not possible to use the feedback form in the ShowBox popup window. I tried to do it myself, but it seems that this is not provided. Initially, ShowBox is designed to display images, and the maximum way you can apply this is to use a regular text page of the site.

I confirm that it is also impossible to use ShowBox with a feedback form on mobile devices.
Try using a normal contact form page.

As for the rest of the problems, you need to understand, there can be many reasons. Let's say I see that the site does not have an SSL certificate installed.

And a few more options that can lead to the problem:

  • PHP version not suitable (Try changing from version 74 to 8.0)
  • Shared IP for the site is used (In this case, if any other site that is located with the same IP address sends spam, then all other sites will suffer)
  • Correct DNS Records (Records such as DMARC, DKIM, and SPF help email algorithms correctly distinguish between good and bad senders)

If the emails do not arrive at all, most likely the email address has been blacklisted. You need to carefully configure all the settings and after that you may have to contact support to loosen the verification for the email address for the site.


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