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Email form data saving error  en

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I have a problem with email form object's data saving to database. The sent data isn't saved in the table created by X5. I receive confirmation emails with form data csv regulalry, but the table is empty.
I used this form for several times and till today everything goes well. 

The current website which has the problem:
My last email form site still works perfectly:
Please help me to figure out what is the difference between the two forms above and why doesn't it work now?
Is it possible to import forms has been sent till today to the table?

My expert IT friend was looking for an error log. Is there any available?

Thanks for your solution!

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Elisa B.

Hello Krisztina, 

thank you for your message. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer direct technical support for version 10 anymore, I am sorry about this. Please find here the official post, where you can get more information:

Don't worry, you can still get assistance for your issues, just keep this message as public, so the other users and the moderators can reply and help you find a solution. 

Kind regards.

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