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I have bought X14 Pro, because I wanted to create a webshop with features of Product subvariations (Supoptions, same product in different colour and different sizes as well) and dinamic stock availability information. I read that the Pro version can do both, but I've just realized that it cannot manage them in the same time! (I hope I am not right.) So product variation's stock level cannot be observed separately, only the main product's. In this way it is not useful at all.
My example:
there is a product: 'T-shirt X', with product variation: size 'S', 'M'. I can add item to the stock database only by 'Product'- 'T-shirt X', and not by 'Product variation' - 'T-shirt X in S', 'T-shirt X in M'.
That’s why the stock level shows only the main product quantity, in all sizes. This is not a relevant information about the stock level of each sizes, so the customer can order a size, that we don’t have in stock.
I’ve found out that one solution was to create separate product catalog item for every size of every product (plus every suboption as well, if I have colour variation of the current T-shirts). It is more than a big work if you have many products. In this case I don’t use the Product option feature and my webshop will be totally un-handy for my costumers.
If I use the stock availability feature for the main product, there will be the same problem (out of stock orders) as I manage it manually (as I did in Evo before buying the Pro version to get rid off this task). It can be more simple if I don’t use it all.

I wondering if you have any solution for this.

The best version would be if user could change availability quantity or status for each Product option and Suboption separately, not only for main Product. And upload stock database according to product options and suboptions.

I hope my explanation is clear.

Thank you for your answer,


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Elisa B.

Dear Krisztina, 

thank you for your message. 

The stock level refers to the entire product, including its options and sub-option. Because of that, it is unfortunately not possible to set a different stock level for each option, unless you create separate products, as you mentioned if your post. If you need this function, I kindly suggest you to create an Idea post, so to inform the developers about this need. In this way, they will be able to take it into consideration for the future software releases. 

Thank you! Kind regards.

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