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John S.
John S.

Problem with before/after comparison  en

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Therer is a problem with the before/after object.

Sometimes it stop functioning.

I have a site where the same object is functioning and not.

On this page (near bottom) it is (at the moment) functioning:

On this page (also near bottom) it has stopped functioning:

See also this post:

Clip showing only one image but with an inactive slider.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello. Try it:
1) Delete all site files from the hosting and re-upload it completely.
2) Try different PHP versions.
3) Try to remove all other objects of maps, sliders, etc. from the page. Perhaps there is a conflict in the scripts.
4) If the site uses third-party scripts, remove them.

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John S.
John S.

1 - I had tried a complete upload.

2 - I don't want to use another PHP version. I use 8.0.23 and it is functioning well. Earlier versions than 8.0 will no longer be supported after 28.11.2022 and will no longer receive security-patches - so NO.

3 - I have now removed an object from the page - the X5 before/after object.

4 - I have inserted a html-object with code that is functioning. So I did the opposite

I will now close this thread as the problem has gone away. It disappeared when I deleted the object that was not functioning. I could have deleted the object and then inserted it again, and it would probably have functioned - but I cannot check all my pages to see if it still functions after a new upload. 

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