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Beta D.

Double Menu - Page speed  en

Author: Beta D.
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Would having a Hamburger menu in the header, the sticky bar and a menu in the Sidebar (all with different style properties) result in a significant page loading speed and/or would it cause any confusion on how the site is crawled,  interpreted or idexed?

Many Thanks!

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Stefano G.

Hi Beta.

Technically speaking, it will not penalize your website in any way.

In a more pratical way, whether or not it is going to cause confusion in your user base is completely dependant on how you actually style and organize those. 

Having too many menus might mislead the user during the navigation, but this is not always the case, especially if the menus are well designed.

I would suggest trying it out and then ask someone to navigate it for you. See what the feedback is

I hope I've been helpful


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