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Vlado _.

I can't receive e-mails sent from my website's e-mail form  en

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Hi, my email form does not work.

Here is writen that my provider should use PHP5 .

But my provider told me that PHP5 is old version and she use version PHP 7.2.

She also check my set up and it seem to be ok.

Thanks for help.


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Vlado,

The link you posted above is a very old one which relates to outdated versions of WebSite X5.

The current (2019.1) version of WebSite X5 will work fine with PHP 5.6 or above.

Ask your provider to check the email delivery error log on your server.  The log will show the status of both delivered and non-delivered email, and will help you to narrow the issue down.

Secondly, check any junk or spam folders, both in your email client and also on the server.  Sometimes PHP generated emails can be flagged as spam and end up in these folders by mistake.

Next you can try altering the email script settings in Step 1 Settings > Advanced > Data Management:

By trialling the various options you may be able to find one which works successfully with your particular server configuration.

Kind regards,


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Vlado _.
Vlado _.

Hi Paul, thanks for help.

We are gonna try it.


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